no arseholes

About Us


The South Australian Bung Fritz Appreciation Society is a gathering of like-minded people who come together for a meal, some drinks and a fun, friendly time with a sample of bung fritz supplied by the hosting venue on the day for good measure.

Members become members from the invitation of a member and the endorsement of one other member.  After a ceremony and a vote of acceptance, the prospective member becomes a member.   Never to divulge the secret.

This natural process of selection ensures…
All lips and no arseholes are the essential ingredients to our Bung Fritz.

For a lucky few, being Member Number #1 is a real honour.

NOTE:  Membership is closed until vacancies occur.


The local identity of Denis “Father” O’Mally is a founding father of SABFAS (South Australian Bung Fritz Appreciation Society) and his story for the origins of Bung Fritz Appreciation Society is a truly great one.

When you become a member, he can tell you.

In the interim, here is a note…